Lucerne  –  Maastricht

Lucerne  –  Maastricht

Luzern  -  Maastricht

Люцерне - Маастрихт

Luzern - Maastricht

لوسيرن - ماستريخت

Our approach

We always take your core qualities as the starting point from which, we work towards a new perspective.

We consider mutual trust to be extremely important. Where possible, we will liaise with your accountant, tax consultant and/or legal adviser. We believe in direct and clear communication. We do not make things out to be better than they really are. Our advice is presented in the form of clear recommendations. Our reports are brief, concise and in straightforward language.

We apply rules and guidelines to ensure that all activities are conducted in a professional and ethical manner. We like to offer full transparency about the principles and rules of conduct to which we adhere. If we face an actual or potential conflict of interest, we apply procedures to ensure that commercial interests will never overshadow ethical practice.

Core values


  • We are autonomous in our opinions, advice and interaction with all stakeholders.
  • We are not allied to or affiliated with other ‘lines of business’ or financial institutions.

Code of Conduct

  • All interaction with stakeholders is based on respect and trust.
  • We will never engage in or abet any activity which is not lawful and ethical.
  • We safeguard our independence by adhering to all professional standards.


  • Code of Conduct and Compliance Guidelines are normative.
  • A strict non-disclosure policy applies to all confidential business and stakeholder information.


  • We seek practicable solutions in close consultation with the client.
  • Lead times are determined only after careful analysis.
  • The interests of all parties involved are carefully identified to preclude any conflict of interests.